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Building A New Home is a spin off website of Daltontv.ie. 

Daltontv.ie have been installing terrestrial and satellite TV in Ireland since 1989. Their domestic TV installs number in the tens of thousands. 

During this time Daltontv.ie have gathered considerable experience, and established connections across every sector of the telecoms, TV & broadband industry in Ireland.

Kenny Dalton first started in the TV business in 1989.

In the early nineties he was one of the first to grasp the opportunities of the emerging MMDS and satellite TV markets, and secured contracts for Multichannel -TV service and installation and was also one of the first Authorised Sky Agents in the country.

The Future

“In recent years the focus has been on working from home. Nowadays, being connected, has never been more important.

You obviously can’t work from home if you don’t have good broadband and good mobile phone signal. We have extended customers existing Wi-Fi to every corner of they home and more.

I’ve seen people sitting outside in their cars working, just so they can get good mobile signal. We can fix that problem too, mobile phone signal can be distributed all around your home just like TV or Wi-Fi”

New Home Builds

Born almost out of necessity this product has quickly become popular with homeowners and building trade professionals. 

“The look of horror on a customers face when they discover that after all their hard work, surface cables will need to be run in their brand new home” 

With a considerable number of new builds under our belt over the last couple of years, this product has taken on a life of its own. Evolving all the time to cater for new technologies.

Our clients are happy in the knowledge that all their home tech requirements have been discussed and planned out in advance. 

We have even developed software to ensure every single possible aspect is discussed with our clients, and nothing gets left to chance.”